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Cape Cornwall School:
“joinedupdesignforschools” courtyard garden - scheme no.1 2008 (unbuilt)

We were introduced to pupils at Cape Cornwall School through an initiative called “joinedupdesignforschools” set up by the Sorrell Foundation. Schools from all over Britain were offered the chance to work with designers and architects free of charge so long as the brief was prepared by the pupils.

The pupils chose a disused courtyard to make a landscaped garden with shelter and seating where younger children could go at break times and lunch time.

The first design responded to the pupils brief for water, colour, and a variety of seating.


Cape Cornwall

Cape Corwall

Cape Cornwall

Cape Cornwall School:
“joinedupdesignforschools” courtyard garden - scheme no.2 2008 (unbuilt)

This is the second scheme designed to be simpler and cheaper.

The design uses standard telegraph poles and railway sleepers to make a variety of seating. A simple timber structure offers some shelter.


Cape Cornwall